Colin Farrell Speaks Out In Support Of Gay Marriage

In a recent interview, actor Colin Farrell spoke in support of gay marriage and opened up about his brother, who came out when they were kids.

Always the joker, Colin starts off the interview by saying his brother “roped him in” to get involved in the debate on gay marriage which is currently taking place in Ireland. A vote will be held in the country in May on whether to allow gay marriage, an issue that is very close to Farrell’s heart “I carry Ireland everywhere I go and I love my country deeply, so this is a really serious thing”.

Colin And Eamonn Farrell

His brother, Eamonn, came out at a very young age, and had to deal with a lot of hate, while growing up. “I’ve seen my brother go through a lot, I’ve seen him be at the tail end of the whip of intolerance,” Colin goes on to talk about times when his brother came home with blood on his shirt. Although Colin was never hurt himself, he admits that “caring for him as much as I do had an effect on me”.

After suffering years of abuse and hate in Ireland, Eamonn and his partner had to come to Canada to tie the knot. The two got married in Vancouver and “they’ve been happily married, I don’t know how many years now, maybe 6 or 7 years” Colin tells them.

The famous actor talks about his brother and his husband as “strong, honest and most importantly kind and compassionate men”. Colin lights up when he talks about his brother’s marriage, but adds “to think they had to leave their own country to do that is sad and disappointing and grossly unfair.”

With regards people in Ireland who have huge concerns about gay marriage, and claim that it undermines relationships between a man and a woman Colin says “I try to understand…but I can’t see how a man and a man, and a woman and a woman declaring love and faithfulness…I can’t see how that can be a threat.”

From the interview you get that Farrell wants equal rights for everyone, but most importantly he really wants people to think of the children, “Without the constitution being changed…it’s the children that are going to be left in the dark, it’s the children who won’t have the equal rights.”

You can feel his passion throughout the video, especially towards the end when he tells the world “This is my coming out of the closet as it were, publicly and saying that I support this, I support this vote, with every fiber of my being.”

Watch the full interview below.



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