Court Date Set For Chris Soules’ Trial In Fatal Hit-And-Run

Chris Soules has pled not guilty to felony charges stemming from his role in a hit-and-run car accident last month that left the driver of the other vehicle dead, and a court date has been set.

Soules has been ordered to appear at a pre-trial conference on July 11, with his jury trial set to begin on July 19.

The former “Bachelor” star was charged with a charge of Hit and Run — Death Resulting by Buchanan County Prosecutors in Iowa, a class D felony, which could see Soules sentenced to up to five years in prison and pay a $7,500 fine.

Soules previously entered a written arraignment and pled not guilty to the charge of leaving the scene of an accident causing a death. Soules also waived his right to an open court arraignment, and asked the court to accept his plea, for a speedy trial and that a trial date be set.

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In addition, Soules’ lawyers filed a Bill of Particulars, asking that the State of Iowa give specifics as to what part of the state code he violated or did not satisfy.

“A bill of particulars should be allowed when the charge and minutes do not sufficiently inform the defendant of the evidence which the prosecution will use against him,” explained Gina Messamer, one of Soules’ attorneys. “A Bill of Particulars will allow Mr. Soules to adequately prepare a defense and will not prejudice the State.”

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Soules was driving on a rural Iowa road on Apr. 24 when he rear-ended a tractor driven by 66-year-old Vietnam War veteran Kenneth E. Mosher, who died from injuries sustained in the crash. Soules allegedly fled the scene of the accident, and was subsequently arrested at his home, about 10 miles away from the site of the crash.

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Soules, who appeared in “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor”, was reportedly seen buying alcohol prior to the crash, and prosecutors claim that open liquor containers were found “in and around” Soules’ vehicle after the accident.

In 2006, Soules pled guilty to a charge of driving under the influence; he was fined $500 and served one year probation.

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