Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followhill found himself in a verbal handicap match after dissing pro-wrestling fans.

Followhill, 30, spilled bad blood with wrestling fans after tweeting, “Hey, adults. Let’s maybe not watch professional wrestling. Ya know?” What followed was a classic wrestling feud filled with all the trash talk fans have come to love.

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Not to mention meme filled replies with classic faces like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and modern day stars like the New Day.

One particularly amusing reply saw a Twitter user ask, “Did this go how you thought it would?”

The Kings of Leon member backtracked on his statement after getting swarmed with more jabs than sweaty dudes in a Royal Rumble. “Ok. So I’ve gathered a lot of people love wrestling,” he tweeted. “Folks are angry. Really angry. I wasn’t being literal. Continue to enjoy.”

But that didn’t ease tensions whatsoever.

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The bassist insisted it was all in good humour, but social media kept on delivering Hulk Hogan Atomic Leg Drop-level replies.

Followill, insisting on scoring the final pinfall, retorted with his own series of wrestling-related memes.