English singer-songwriters Anne-Marie and Ed Sheeran jam out!

The two artists perform a raw, bare-bones version of Anne-Marie’s hit song “Ciao Adios”. Anne-Marie is all smiles, grooving back and forth as she performs vocals while Sheeran sings and plays the acoustic guitar.

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Fans might have known something was up after Anne-Marie sounded the “Alarm” with photos and videos with the “Shape of You” singer on Instagram.


It has been a big year for the two 26-year-olds. Sheeran’s latest album, “Divide”, has propelled him to superstardom while Anne-Marie is expected to drop her debut album sometime in 2017.

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Anne-Marie charted her first number one single after her “Rockabye” collaboration with Sia and Sean Paul topped charts in eight different countries!

You can compare the acoustic version of “Ciao Adios”, featuring Sheeran, with the original song below!