Diddy’s Rep Dismisses Sexual Harassment Lawsuit From Former Chef

Diddy’s team is dismissing claims that the rapper sexually harassed his former personal chef, Cindy Rueda.

In court documents obtained by both People and TMZ, Rueda claims that while she worked as a personal chef for the rapper, she was to make Diddy post-sex meals, which he received naked, and that she was let go because she complained about it.

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In a statement to TMZ, Diddy’s reps say the lawsuit has no merit: “This is a frivolous lawsuit by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for cause.”

Rueda also alleges that when she did complain about the ongoings that she was “lured into a situation where she could be accused of theft and ultimately terminated” as a result. She claims she was fired from the role a year to the day before the lawsuit began.

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Rueda also claims she was forced to make food for Diddy and his guests during or after they were engaged in sexual activity. She also claims Diddy would ask her if she was attracted to him and to comment on his body.

She filed the lawsuit Monday, May 8, for sexual harassment, hostile work environment and several other workplace-related claims.



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