The Revolution Begins In Riotous New Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5

Things went from bad to worse in the fourth season of “Orange Is the New Black” when Litchfield Penitentiary went from a state-run prison to a private for-profit institution that saw the inmate population explode while inexperienced, gung-ho guards made life even more miserable for the inmates — culminating with the tragic death of Poussey (Samara Wiley) at the hands of a guard.

In the first official trailer for the upcoming fifth season of the Netflix hit, things become even more desperate when the women seize control of the prison in the riot that ensues in the aftermath of Poussey’s murder, with events unfolding in real time over the course of three explosive days.

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“Do you get what’s goin’ on here?” asks Taystee (Danielle Brooks) in the trailer. “We get beat for no reason. We stuffed four in a bunk like we factory chickens. We’re denied basic humanity.”

“A riot sparked by Poussey’s death quickly escalates when the inmates gain control of the prison,” notes Netflix’s season-five synopsis. “Once they get a taste of power, chaos ensues through the halls of Litchfield. In real time and over the course of just three days, season five of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ will leave the inmates’ lives forever changed as they are emboldened to fight for redemption, resolution and the respect they deserve.”

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All will be revealed when the new season of “Orange Is the New Black” debuts on Friday, June 9.

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