“The Real Housewives Of Toronto” star Jana Webb has been keeping an incredibly painful secret. Now that season one of the reality series is over, Webb reveals to ET Canada’s Erin Cebula she’s been living in pain for six months following a devastating car accident.

Webb was on her way from them Dominican Republic where she had been training a baseball team with joga – a form of yoga Webb teaches where movements focus on dynamic stretching and is aimed at professional athletes – when tragedy struck.

“I was literally on my way home that we hit a cement truck head-on at full-speed,” she says of the November 2016 accident that left her with a severe concussion and a broken back. “You just think you’re gonna die and then I woke up like, ‘Okay, I’m alive’ but I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t understand what was going on.”

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“There was a bunch of Spanish-speaking people surrounding the car, and they were all speaking to me in a different language,” she says through tears. “They were trying to pull me out of the car. I knew something was wrong with my back.”

In pain, Webb took a video of the horrific accident while trapped in the car in an attempt to reach colleagues for help. Webb’s video is shocking, showing the devastation of the car, shattered windshield and deflated airbags as she lays among the wreckage.

“I took a video because I knew I needed help. I just remember thinking, ‘If I send this to the owner of the [baseball] team, he’ll help me. Somebody will help me,'” she says, recalling the terrifying aftermath of the accident.

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Thankfully, someone did come to Webb’s rescue. The reality TV star spent a week in a Dominican hospital before being medically evacuated back to Canada, bruised and broken but happy to be reunited with her 9-year-old son as she faced months of rehabilitation.

“It’s not fair, but you’re determined to move forward with your life,” Erin says. “You’re walking, you’re wearing rocking high heels and hot dresses!”

“It’s hard to hear myself be this emotional because I’m like, ‘Just be grateful that you’re alive.’ Some people don’t get a second chance,” Webb says. “I will say it was my strength that saved me and why I’m walking.”

An optimist, Webb is looking on the bright side, finding strength and hope following the accident.

“The most positive part of all of this is that moving forward, how I teach and my message to people is you have to be strong,” says Webb.