Amy Schumer Called Out Camera Guy For ‘Eating Chicken, Licking’ His Fingers During Nude ‘Snatched’ Scene

Leave it to Amy Schumer to elicit laughter during a nude scene.

Naked scenes are historically awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. The actors are exposed, the director is yelling directions and cast and crew are sitting their trying to watch without staring. That’s why “Snatched” star Tom Bateman was floored with laughter when Schumer had an outburst on the movie’s set.

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“She made me laugh. Dinner had just gone around, and I think one of the camera crew guys had missed a chance for dinner,” he explained of a scene where Schumer’s character’s breast is accidental exposed to Bateman’s character.

“He sat there eating chicken behind the camera and she just went, ‘Sorry, can we stop? I feel really uncomfortable with you eating chicken, licking your fingers, while I [have my breast] out,'” Bateman told People Now.

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Bateman also credited his co-star for her openness: “She was amazing, she just went for it,” the British actor revealed. “[Director Jonathan Levine] said, ‘How do you want to do it?’ She said, ‘Let’s just go for it.’”

The mother-daughter comedy starring Schumer and Goldie Hawn hits theatres May 12.



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