Bow Wow has been caught in a big little lie.

The rapper and actor took to Instagram on Monday to share that he was off to New York to do press for his upcoming TV series, “Growing Up Hip Hop”.

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Bow Wow decided to brag a little and shared a picture of a private jet. Well, he was caught in his own lie after another passenger snapped a picture of him flying economy like the rest of us.


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Twitter user @al_khee shared this Snapchat of Bow Wow actually flying economy after posting a Google images picture of a totally different private jet:

Another Twitter user found exactly where Bow Wow found the image: a Fort Lauderdale VIP Transportation service for his post.

As a result of this discovery, Twitter then put the rapper on blast for lying about how he travels:


Bow Wow denied the accusations and responded on another Instagram post.

Well, Bow Wow is now speaking out about the fraudulent Instagram post. In an interview with Hot 97 on Thursday, he says that this is all part of his master plan.

“I love it, because people don’t understand the scientific method to my madness,” he reveals. While plugging his upcoming WE TV show, “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta”, Bow Wow says this is part of his success. “I’m about to have to the biggest show on WE TV, period. It’s a scientific method to my madness. You gotta just watch the show. Everything’s for the show.”

He poked fun of himself on Instagram on Thursday, posting a video meme of him flying in the jet.