Chris Pratt Throws A Familiar Name Into Hat For Comey Replacement

On any given day, there are numerous reasons we thank the heavens for bestowing the world with Chris Pratt. So much so, that we highlighted 10 of them here.

And in a world where the U.S. President can strike fear into the hearts of Americans with a single signature, Pratt’s lighthearted humour is just what the doctor ordered.

Upon hearing of the most recent headline-making move, namely President Trump’s decision to fire the man who handed him the election on a silver platter  FBI Director James Comey, the 37-year-old actor threw the only name he could into the hat as Comey’s replacement.

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Bringing back his beloved “Parks and Recreation” character Andy Dwyer, Pratt suggested Dwyer’s alter-ego, Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin of the FBI as a possible replacement.

The ridiculous crime-fighting character featured prominently in the show and if you can’t already tell, our hearts.

“Just lemme know,” Pratt captioned the gif of Macklin leaping ninja-style into action. And fans are here for it.

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