Goldie Hawn Reveals Son Oliver Hudson Almost Died At 1 Day Old

Goldie Hawn makes her return to the big screen this Friday in “Snatched” alongside Amy Schumer

The mother-daughter comedy is her first film in 15 years and she’s opening up about her career and her personal life in a new interview with People.

Hawn, 71, reveals that family has always come first for her, even when things have taken a turn. Hawn reveals that her son, Oliver Hudson, almost died at 1-day-old after complications from birth.

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Right after he was born, Oliver was suffering from toxemia. The actress says she can remember being taken to see her son in the ICU as he was struggling to live.

“Oh my God, was he beautiful. Eleven pounds of a hunk of love,” Hawn says. “I stood up and I just connected to the universe. I put my hand on him, and I asked God, I said, ‘Come through me, use me to heal my son'” she recalls.

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As she watched on, she watched her son’s heart rate go up. For the actress, this moment confirmed her spiritual beliefs.

“I don’t think there’s any question that prayer can work. I’m a very spiritual person,” she says. “I’m not a religious person, although I was raised Jewish and I like my tribe, but that was a beautiful thing. It was phenomenal. I just emptied myself. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Of course, Oliver, now 40-years-old, went on to live a healthy life alongside his younger sister Kate Hudson and half-brother Wyatt Russell. “He’s the greatest, most handsome, amazing father, actor, comedian, human, son,” says Hawn. “They’re all gifts, all my children.”

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