Cory Monteith’s father isn’t after his late son’s estate, according to the Glee star’s stepmom.

“We’re not trying to take anything — never have, never will,”; Yvette Monteith tells ET Canada.

In a story posted on TMZ this week, the website reported that Joe Monteith admitted to being a deadbeat dad in new court documents. Cory’s mom says the confession means Joe shouldn’t be given anything from Cory’s estate, estimated at $810,000.

In a phone call to an ET Canada producer this morning, Yvette says her husband wasn’t aware of the details in the legal document he was signing for his ex wife. According to Yvette, he signed the papers to allow Cory’s mom full entitlement of the estate. He didn’t know the papers included a statement saying he had never paid child support to his ex wife.

“He always paid child support. It came right out of his pay cheque,”; Yvette says of Joe, a retired military employee.

Cory didn’t have a will when he died of a drug overdose in 2013.