Sarah Jessica Parker And Molly Shannon Dance It Out On Set

Anyone who’s been on set knows that sometimes you find yourself with time to kill.  Leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly Shannon to put that time to good use!

Parker posted a series of videos to her Instagram, taking fans behind the scenes of these “down times” (and they look like a lot of fun!)

Shannon joined her co-star in singing along to the lyrics before busting out one of the best “Robots” we’ve seen, while 52-year-old Parker moonwalks herself out of the shot.

But the fun doesn’t end there, the pair take flight, showcasing their pipes (well, Sarah anyways) in the karaoke favourite “On The Wings of Love”.


And if you thought her co-star refusing to sing along with her would stop SJP, you’re wrong. The actress takes her serenade to the next level, following around members of the crew and serenading them instead.

Molly regrammed Sarah’s efforts, writing “I ❤ working with @sarahjessicaparker. Next time I wanna try to get her to sing something from ANNIE with me. Like, HARD KNOCK LIFE or MAYBE.” And showed off more dance moves in a follow-up post.

With these two having so much fun during breaks, we can’t wait to see what they get up to in the second season of “Divorce”, which has been renewed for a second season on HBO.

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