Kara Alloway is speaking out after being labelled as this season’s villain on “The Real Housewives of Toronto”.

Following this week’s explosive season finale on Slice, which saw the other four women turn against the Toronto fashionista, Alloway is breaking her silence in a new interview with Toronto Life, where she addresses her on-screen “villain” label, comments on her relationships with the other housewives and sets the record straight after being accused of buying Instagram likes.

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Recalling the exact moment when she realized she had become a target on the show, Alloway says, “At Ann’s lunch, when I came back from talking to Joan and there was money on the table, I realized the women were betting against me. That was an ‘ah-ha’ moment. My theory is, when you think of ‘Mean Girls’, who’s the first person that pops into your head? Regina George.”

Speaking about her relationship with the women since the show’s end, she says, “Our lives didn’t really intersect before filming, so I’m not really surprised they haven’t intersected after filming. They’re all doing their own things, and I’m certainly doing my thing.”

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“There is so much negativity in the world right now,” Alloway adds. “I want to end things on a positive note. I don’t think anyone had any malice aforethought for any of the actions that took place on the show. I have nothing but happy wishes for the other ladies on the show.”

When asked about Ann Kaplan Mulholland recently claiming she bought Instagram likes, Alloway says, “I have always told my kids you can’t base your popularity on likes or followers. That’s a dangerous road to go down. I don’t control my social media. I take photographs and pass them to my publicist.”

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Despite becoming the self-described “Regina George” of the first Toronto-based season, Alloway reveals she wouldn’t say no to a second season. “I never say no to anything,” she tells the magazine.

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