Five Become Four In The Latest ‘Big Brother Canada’ Eviction

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s eviction episode of “Big Brother Canada”, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….













With just one week until the season finale, Dillon’s dream is cut short as he’s evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey in a 2-0 vote.

Given how this week started, Dillon shouldn’t have been the one sitting on stage with Arisa Cox tonight. After surviving the traumatic triple eviction and pulling out another Head of Household win, Kevin had the chance to do what he failed to accomplish last week — get rid of Ika or Demetres.

Earlier in the week, things looked to be on the right path. Kevin nominated the power couple, made his intentions clear, and even snatched a Veto win away from the “Greek God”. The former Season 3 vet had all the power and could reasonably relax in his HOH room for the remainder of the week. He even had time to search for his missing glasses!

But nothing is ever simple in the BBCAN house. Kevin panicked when Karen told him she was considering evicting Ika, which would leave comp-beast Demetres in the game. Knowing that comp wins are his only way of making it to the Final 2, Kevin couldn’t risk Demetres staying and so decided to use the Veto on Ika – even after she told him to “shove it up [his] a**.”

Hoping that it would assure Demetres’ eviction, Kevin named Dillon as Ika’s replacement much to the shock of the entire house. Demetres summed up this baffling move in the Diary Room: “Kevin, in the last two week’s you had me and Ika on the block, and you’re only gonna manage to get out Jackie and Dillon. You are the worst Big Brother mastermind of all time.” Hard to argue.

The fallout is one of confusion as the houseguests try and figure out the purpose behind Kevin’s move. Ika is more surprised than anyone and is immediately regretful of trashing Kevin’s HOH room before the Veto Meeting – she even hung his stuffed pig toy from the door. The house soon realizes that Kevin is hoping for a 1-1 tie which will allow him to cast the deciding vote. Kevin openly admits it, telling Dillon that if the nominations stayed the same, he was worried he and Karen would have saved Demetres.

With Dillon on the block, it puts Karen in a tough position. She has a close friendship with Dillon but has also developed a deep bond with Ika and Demetres, as we saw in Wednesday’s episode. But the main driving force behind her decision is her hatred for Kevin. From Week 1, Karen has had it out for the Season 3 vet, put off by his smarmy scheming and underhanded tactics. The thought of doing Kevin’s “dirty work” is stomach-churning for BBCAN’s elder stateswoman.

Dillon tries to appeal to Karen’s heart, reminding her that he was her only friend in the house when everyone else ignored her. The question for Karen is, does her disdain for Kevin outweigh her relationship with Dillon? Kevin believes he has the answer when he senses the vote isn’t going his way, and he tells Dillon, “[Karen’s] vendetta for me is stronger than her love for you.”

Kevin’s ominous feeling is proved correct when Ika and Karen vote to evict the boxing champ. It’s a dramatic turn of events from where this week started, and once again Kevin is left with egg on his face, and it’s not from that pie Sarah Hanlon smashed in his face in last night’s episode.

Speaking to Arisa, Dillon says that he has “no regrets” over the game he played, and when asked why he couldn’t get Karen’s vote, he tells Arisa: “I guess Karen had some previous relationships in the house.”

Other Notes

  • Jackie, Dre, and William arrive at the Jury House much to the shock of the other jurors. Nobody expected Dre and William to be out next, and Neda can’t believe that the houseguests chose to eliminate Jackie over Ika. Meanwhile, Bruno is happy his buddy Kevin survived the triple eviction. It’s difficult to get a proper grasp on who the jury are favoring at the minute but Neda is adamant they won’t be bitter.
  • The Final Four HOH competition gets underway, with Ika and Demetres on one point a piece and Karen at zero. Tune into Monday night’s episode for the results or check out the live feeds at

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


Demetres – it’s hard to separate “Demika” because they’ve played almost this entire season as a cohesive pair. It’s similar to how Cassandra and Tim ran last season – undying loyalty, one player focused on social manipulation (Ika/Cass), and the other pulling out important comp wins (Demetres/Tim). But Demetres deserves some credit for how clutch he’s been in the competitions which at times have saved both himself and Ika. He’s now two HOH wins away from sitting in the Final 2 with a very strong case for why he should win this season.


Kevin – it is almost laughable how badly Kevin failed these past two weeks. He had Ika and Demetres on the block two weeks in a row and neither of them was evicted. How is that possible? He’s found himself in a position where the entire house is against him and his only hope of survival is comp wins. While that feat is possible, it doesn’t particularly speak well of his social game.

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