Leonardo DiCaprio Enlists Fans — And The President Of Mexico — To Save Endangered Porpoise From Extinction

Oscar-winning environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio is still engaged in saving the planet, and he’s willing to do it one porpoise at a time.

Taking to social media, the “Revenant” star asked his followers to help him as he works with the World Wildlife Foundation to save the vaquita, a rare endangered porpoise that he says is “the most endangered marine animal in the world.”

As DiCaprio notes, ongoing “unstable and illegal fishing practices” may ensure that there will be less than 30 of these porpoises left alive unless immediate action is taken.

Following DiCaprio’s social media outreach, he found himself with a powerful ally in his fight to protect the vaquita: Enrique Peña Nieto, the president of Mexico.

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Responding to DiCaprio on Twitter, Mexico’s president says his nation is focusing “all its efforts to prevent the extinction of this species,” even outlining the specific measures Mexico is taking in a series of subsequent tweets.

According to the president, the Mexican government is “doing what should have been done decades ago” in order to save this rare sea mammal from extinction.

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