Katy Perry Is The Main Course In Bonkers New Video For ‘Bon Appetit’ — And The Twitterverse Thinks She’s A Cannibal!

Katy Perry fans have reason to celebrate with the release of her brand new video for “Bon Appetit”, the dance-friendly collaboration with hip-hop group Migos that she released a few weeks back.

The video, directed by Dent De Cuir, takes the song’s culinary theme and runs with it. In fact, the video begins with Perry being unwrapped from plastic packaging like a supermarket steak by a crew of chefs, who proceed to toss the singer into a huge pile of flour.

As the chefs knead Perry’s body, it literally begins to turn into dough; eventually, she and an array of chopped vegetables are poured into a giant pot of water that simmers on the stovetop.

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Finally, Perry is ready to be served, and finds herself wheeled to a large table, upon which she’s placed as a roomful of hungry diners lick their lips in anticipation of the feast — until a somewhat creepy twist ending presents Perry with the upper hand in a surprise shocker.

While it’s clear that the”Bon Appetit” video is meant to be seen as a metaphor for sexual liberation, some in the Twitterverse couldn’t see beyond the gruesome imagery — with some Twitter users even going so far as to accuse her of promoting cannibalism.

Meanwhile, Perry was joined by her adorable dog Nugget in a 30-plus-minute live video chat (which can be seen below) in which she answers fan questions and discusses the “Bon Appetit” video — although the highlight is undeniably the part when frisky Nugget hilariously enjoys a “romantic” moment with a stuffed animal. Watch:

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