Justin Trudeau Takes His 3-Year-Old Son To Work And It’s Too Cute

Justin Trudeau decided to shake things up a bit at the office by bringing his three-year-old son Hadrien to work with him on Friday, and the rambunctious toddler proved to be a PR bonanza for Canada’s prime minister after he posted photos of the daddy-son day on social media.

According to BBC News, Trudeau had a busy schedule that included a national caucus meeting, taking questions in the House of Commons and a meeting with university presidents — but he still managed to make time to have some fun with Hadrien throughout the day.

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“Had some company at the office today,” wrote Trudeau on Facebook, posting a series of photos from the father-son day.

Among the duo’s adventures: playing hide-and-seek in the prime ministers’s office, racing down a hallway, Hadrien getting to sit at his dad’s desk even joining his dad in taking some questions.

Check out these adorable photos from Hadrien Trudeau’s very big day:

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