Brad Pitt Heads Back Into The Spotlight With New Film ‘War Machine’

After a crazy year for Brad Pitt, he’s back in the limelight. After his very public divorce from Angelina Jolie, revealing a drinking problem and filming new Netflix original film “War Machine” in the last year, Pitt sat down for a candid new interview with The Associated Press.

During the chat, Pitt talked about keeping busy with the new dark comedy following recent life-changing events in his personal life.

The 53-year-old actor told the news outlet that he’s acknowledged his drinking problem, “I’ve got no secrets. I’ve got nothing to hide,” he said. “We’re human and I find the human condition very interesting. If we’re not talking about it, then we’re not getting better.”

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Pitt’s latest film, the Netflix original “War Machine”, is set to be a big hit.

Slightly based on General Stanley McChrystal, Pitt revealed he and the filmmakers didn’t want to diss McChrystal with the feature: “We had no interest in impugning General McChrystal or any of his guys. For me, the problem is more systematic.”

He added, “Although those young men and women who are absolutely heroic in a very harrowing situation, their lives are forever changed and so are their families. It just really made me question who is spending this currency of dedication. Who’s writing the check? Who’s making the order.”

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And he thanked Netflix for making this movie happen. “It wouldn’t have gotten made without Netflix,” he revealed. “Now with Netflix and other entities like Netflix, it becomes a whole delivery system for those kinds of films I prefer to gamble on.”

“War Machine” premieres May 26.

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