Dwayne Johnson ‘Humbled’ By Response To Talk Of Presidential Run

Dwayne Johnson for President? It looks like the idea is inching closer to becoming a reality.

After The Washington Post suggested in 2016 that the actor would make a great candidate for Commander-In-Chief, Johnson recently told GQ that he now sees a run for office as “a real possibility.”

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Since then, the story has gained major traction, but the 45-year-old “Baywatch” star says he “did not” expect such a strong response.

“The amount – and the surge that’s happening – with people wanting me to run for President, it’s very, very flattering,” he tells ET Canada’s Matte Babel at the “Baywatch” premiere in Miami. “I think it’s reflective of them wanting real leadership right now.”

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And the former WWE wrestler has plenty of supporters, including original “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson – who would even consider running as his Vice President!

“We’d have to talk about that, because I might have some good information for him,” the actress teases.

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In the meantime, Johnson fans can look forward to his fifth hosting stint on Global TV’s “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, including the possible return of “The Rock Obama.”



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