Lady Antebellum On New Album ‘Heart Break’

Lady Antebellum are talking “Heart Break” and broken hearts with ET Canada as the trio are set to release their sixth studio album, “Heart Break” – an album that has some very personal ties for the band.

Singer Hillary Scott tells Cheryl Hickey the album’s title track has an important message about finding time for yourself after the end of a relationship.

“The song itself is a really empowering message,” she says. “Instead of just jumping from one relationship to the next, it’s like you’re gonna give your heart a break. Find yourself, even in the midst of this lull or hard time. You want to be your best self when you’re ready to jump in to the next thing.”

It’s not just Scott’s heart break and personal life the band draws inspiration from.

“The nice thing about being in a trio and having someone else to bounce idea off of… you find different things,” says Charles Kelley. “We like writing a lot of nostalgic things too. We always look back. I think that’s just a natural thing of life, like past loves.”

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“There’s so much to pull from. Especially first-time love,” Scott adds.

Much of the band’s inspiration comes from personal experiences, even those that they have moved on from.

“That’s there the bulk of our content comes from,” Dave Haywood says. “As a songwriter, I feel that we can continue to tap in to that, even though we’ve all got kids and families now, it’s not hard for us to go back to those moments when you’re 18 and 21 and going through all those big life moments. We love digging deep for those.”

On what Kelley hopes fans get from the band’s music: “Songs should make you either wanna dance or cry or make love.” “Or all three at the same time,” Haywood adds with a laugh.

Family is a huge part of the trio’s lives, something they are open about with their fans. Scott’s heart break over her miscarriage and fertility struggle is something she wanted to be open about with her fans.

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“You don’t really realize until you’re going through it, just how alone you can feel and all of the mixed emotions you feel,” she explains. Scott says the number of pregnancies that end in miscarriages was more common than she expected given how little she heard other women sharing their experiences. For Scott, while it “doesn’t necessarily mean [miscarriage] is gonna be your story, but all of a sudden when it becomes your story, you’re like, ‘Man, nobody talks about this.'”

Scott began publicly sharing the story of her 2015 miscarriage last year, channelling the emotions she was going through into new music she hoped would be a comfort to others going through their own struggles.

“I just felt it was something that I went through that was forever going to change me,” she reveals. “It’s something that my husband and I and our family will grieve for however long and I just thought I needed to be really honest. The song that I wrote ‘Thy Will’ which is from that experience was my way of sharing my story. That has been one of the most unbelievable journeys, just being able to connect with so many women who have been through it. And husbands as well. Fathers whose wives have been through that and never feeling alone.”

The “Need You Now” singer has a motto for finding positivity and beauty in her family heartbreak.

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“We all want to feel understood and have someone empathize with you,” she continues. “It’s been a huge honour to be able to do that and ‘beauty from ashes’ is what I call it. It’s been hard but it’s been worth it.”

Scott adds the love and appreciation she’s received from families dealing with miscarriage has been “overwhelming.”

“Being invited into people’s most private struggles and moments, I don’t take that lightly at all,” Scott says. “I’ve really taken it as an opportunity to pray for people a lot and hopefully speak positivity into their life, wherever they are.”

ET Canada will have more from the band with a half-hour Lady Antebellum special airing June 2 on Global.




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