T.J. Miller Parasails Into Cannes During ‘Emoji Movie’ Stunt: ‘C’est Bon!’

“The Emoji Movie” isn’t screening at Cannes, but that didn’t stop T.J. Miller from parasailing onto the beach in a yellow suit.

The elaborate stunt heralding the release of the upcoming animated movie about an emoji named Gene (voiced by Miller), a multi-expressional emoji who sets out on a quest to become a normal, single-expression emoji like his pals, Flamenco Dancer (voiced by Sofia Vergara) and Poop (voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart). Anna Faris is also on board as the voice of an emoji named Jailbreak in the movie.

Miller’s stunt was captured by GoPro camera attached to his parachute. After appearing to struggle with his harness at the beginning of the stunt, the actor gets more comfortable, swinging around in the air and yelling. “I don’t know if we’re even live, but this is it!,” Miller says on the livestream of the event. “We are parasailing live into Cannes!”

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As he was reeled in upside-down by a speedboat, he can be heard saying, “You’re speaking so much French – what’s happening?! C’est bon?!”. Out of breath and panting, Miller lands on the beach to present the brand new trailer for the movie while surrounded by life-size emoji mascots.

While Cannes has a reputation for being a stuffy and prestigious event, the famed French city is no stranger to movie marketing stunts.

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Last year, Sony – who does not have any films showing at the festival this year – brought “The Angry Birds Movie” to Cannes with a beachfront stunt. But even that event was no match for the ultimate Cannes tour de force.

In 2002, the world was introduced to the “mankini” and Kazakhstan TV reporter Borat Sagdiyev courtesy of an impressive stunt by Sacha Baron Cohen. Shocking onlookers, Cohen showed up in character in the uncomfortable-looking neon one-piece – or banana hammock as some like to call it – for a photocall on the beach.

Watch the full trailer for “The Emoji Movie”, which opens in theatres on July 28.

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