Gisele Bundchen Reveals Tom Brady ‘Had A Concussion Last Year’ — But The NFL Disputes Her Claim

Gisele Bundchen has a whole life planned out with husband Tom Brady, but concussions are starting to worry her.

The Brazilian supermodel explained to CBS’s Charlie Rose why she might want the New England Patriots quarterback to retire. “You know, I just have to say as a wife, I’m a little bit, it’s, as you know, it’s not the most like, let’s say, un-aggressive sport, right?” she told “CBS This Morning” Wednesday.

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The 36-year-old then revealed her husband’s history of concussions. “He had a concussion last year, I mean he has concussions pretty much every – you know, we don’t talk about it but he does have concussions,” she confessed. “I don’t really think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through like, through that kind of aggression like, all the time–that cannot be healthy for you, right?”

After all, Bundchen has a whole life after football she wants to live with her hubby: “I mean, I’m planning on having him be healthy and do a lot of fun things when we’re like, 100, I hope.”

A Newsday report from 2015 suggested Brady, now 39, wears “a one-star” helmet which has a low-rating of concussion protection.

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Bundchen also dished on the strict diet she, Brady, and their children follow. “We have a plant-based diet, we’ve been having it for ten years,” she said. “We feel better, it’s better for our health, and everything we put into our body has an effect on us, on our energy, how we feel. [Brady] doesn’t feel achy, he just has so much more energy.

“In the beginning it was a little, you know, different for him, but now he loves it and he wouldn’t have it any other way because he feels better.”

After Bundchen’s comments hit the Internet, the NFL has issued a terse response disputing her statements, claiming there’s no evidence that the Patriots QB suffered a concussion.

“We have reviewed all reports relating to Tom Brady from the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultants and certified athletic trainer spotters who worked at Patriots’ home and away 2016 season games as well as club injury reports that were sent to the league office,” reads a statement from NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy.

“There are no records that indicate that Mr. Brady suffered a head injury or concussion, or exhibited or complained of concussion symptoms,” the statement continues. “Today we have been in contact with the NFLPA and will work together to gather more information from the club’s medical staff and Mr. Brady.”

McCarthy concludes: “The health and safety of our players is our foremost priority and we want to ensure that all our players have and continue to receive the best care possible.”

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