Tess Ward On The ‘Hate Messages’ She’s Received Over A Possible Romance With Harry Styles

If One Direction fans are one thing, they’re passionate and Chef Tess Ward knows firsthand what it’s like to be on the tail-end of that passion.

After rumours surfaced over a possible romance with 1D alum Harry Styles, fans didn’t hesitate to make her feel unwelcome.

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The Naked Diet author opened up to The Times and revealed she’s taking a break from social media because of the backlash, “Snapchat I’ve deleted, Twitter – don’t really do it. I’m even a little bit out of love with Instagram,” she confessed. “At the moment I’m getting a lot of direct messages there, but I respectfully choose not to rely to them, because they’re all like… interesting. I want a break. I just want a break.”

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“It’s been so weird, the hate messages… very bizarre. I’m not the kind of person who’s interested in fame, and if you’re put in an environment which you don’t understand and you can’t control and you don’t want, it’s horrible,” she continued.

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But when The Times directly asked Ward about her relationship with Styles she kept very coy, “I literally don’t have anything to say about that.”

Ward has since disabled her messages and comments on Instagram, and said: “For everyone following and messaging me, I am thankful but please be kind to me. All I wants to share beautiful food with all of you.”

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