Demi Lovato Called Out For Cultural Appropriation After Sporting Dreadlocks In Music Video

Demi Lovato is feeling the burn in the Twitterverse thanks to her appearance in the video for “No Promises”, the latest release from EDM group Cheat Code.

The reason: in the video she’s wearing her hair styled into dreadlocks, which suddenly led some folks on social media to level charges of cultural appropriation against the “Stone Cold” singer.

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Prior to the video’s release on Tuesday, Lovato posted a number of teasers on Instagram, such as these:

It didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to react, with some wondering why Lovato would style her hair in such a way, especially considering all the flack she took earlier this year when she revealed that a DNA test indicated she was 1 per cent African.

Check out this sampling of social media discussion of her dreads, with some fans admitting they’re feeling conflicted.

Lovato commented on the controversy by clarifying that they are “twists, not dreads” and she liked how they looked:


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