Indiana Mayor Demands Apology From ‘Chicago P.D.’ Over Racist Depiction

The mayor of Crown Point, Indiana, is demanding an apology from the producers of “Chicago P.D.” after a recent episode that characterizes his town as being racist.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Crown Point mayor David Uran — who admits he’s not a regular viewer of the Dick Wolf-produced crime drama — describes the May 10 episode titled “Army of One,” in which a black man is killed after his release from prison for a rape he was accused of committing when he was dating a white girl while in high school.

Although a relative insists the accused rapist and alleged victim were boyfriend and girlfriend, she points out that interracial relationships “don’t fly in Crown Point.”

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As you’d expect, this did not go unnoticed in the town.

“It was just a very bizarre episode, I thought,” Uran told the Tribune. “Obviously the storyline isn’t true. We have never had a case like that here in Crown Point. Just the way it engaged the image of our city was a little disturbing.”

In fact, Uran said he’s heard from numerous outraged citizens about the episode, and insists Crown Point is being unfairly characterized via the fictional storyline.

“Even if the incident was real and it was 30 to 40 years ago, they made it sound like it was happening yesterday,” added Uran. “Everything felt like it was within the realm of possibility that it just took place. We know it’s not true. Other places in our viewing area may believe it.”

Uran added that he reached out to NBC to seek an apology, but has yet to hear back from the network.

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