Chrissy Teigen Talks Baby Luna: ‘She Will Not Eat My Food’

Chrissy Teigen stops by “Rachael Ray” and drops some truth about her daughter, Luna.

“She will not eat my pure food,” Chrissy says. “If I try to steam green beans and puree them, she will not eat that. She’s the kind of baby that loves those little squeezy snakes and it goes right in her mouth.”

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And if you thought the model, who recently published her own cookbook Cravings, wouldn’t take it personally: you’re wrong. Teigen explains that Luna has a hankering for other family members’ recipes.

“She loves my mom’s scalloped potatoes, she loves real food, but she will not eat my own food, which kind of breaks my heart in a way,” Chrissy says. “It’s sad; I take it personally!”


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And it seems the problem isn’t just the food, but who’s feeding her as Chrissy explains how Luna is fast becoming a “daddy’s girl.”

“If John feeds her, she’ll be like, ‘Da da! Da da!’ and she’ll eat anything,” she says, adding, “moms, you know, there is just no getting around it. They just love their daddy.”

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