And The Winner of ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 5 Is…

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet watched tonight’s two-hour season finale of “Big Brother Canada” then look away now as HUGE spoilers lie ahead…














After 10 weeks of betrayals, showmances, twerking, finger guns and awkward product placement, the stars finally align for Kevin Martin, who leaves the Odyssey $100,000 richer and the new champion of “Big Brother Canada”.

A perpetual underdog throughout the second half of the season, the Season 3 veteran staved off eviction due to a series of clutch competition wins and a few Hail Marys along the way (or perhaps that should be Hail Williams?).

While Demetres sets the pace by winning Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition, Kevin bounces back, defeating Karen comfortably in Part 2. It all leads to an intense showdown in Part 3 between the two men who have been trading competition wins for the past several weeks. In the end, it’s Kevin’s knowledge of the season’s stats and figures that help him beat Demetres, giving him the power to evict the last houseguest of the season.

Kevin obviously chooses to eliminate Demetres, the beastly competitor who stands an incredible chance of winning in a Final 2 scenario. Demetres has been a dominant force throughout the game, he worked side-by-side with Ika and is responsible for sending most of the houseguests to the jury. Third place is nothing to complain about, but there’s a feeling the Greek God deserved more after his impressive run.

Leaving to a standing ovation, Demetres tries to compose himself, realizing his chance at glory slipped by him at the last second. Arisa Cox asks him where his head is at, to which he responds: “Honestly, I can’t even think straight right now. It’s horrible.” On the topic of Ika, he says he was “shocked” to form a real relationship in the house as it was something he didn’t come in looking for.

While certainly not the season’s best players, a Final 2 of Kevin and Karen is hilarious and surprisingly appropriate. The two have butted heads from the very start, and Karen has made it abundantly clear what she thinks of “that Kevin Martin.” So for the two enemies to be sitting next to each other at the end, it is almost perfect in its own unusual little way.

Season 4’s Aussie wildcard, Tim Dormer, returns to host the jury roundtable. His hosting duties involve asking the jurors questions about the finalists and breaking up the bickering between Ika and Neda. There is certainly no love lost between the allies-turned-enemies, and Ika doesn’t take kindly to Neda talking down Demetres’ game while pumping up Kevin’s. “Kevin had a more rounded game,” Neda argues. “You don’t know how Kevin played because you left fifth,” Ika fires back. Ouch!

It’s soon time for the jurors to grill the Final 2 face-to-face. Kevin tells Bruno his biggest move was using the Veto on Ika, which is somewhat odd given that his plans blew up in his face that week. He also thanks William for saving his life in the game with the Secret POV. Meanwhile, Karen explains that her strategy was staying loyal to Demetres and Ika from the very the beginning, keeping them in the game when she had the chance to vote them out.

Arisa introduces an excellent video segment highlighting all the season’s strong women and how they ruled the game. Kevin admits that Karen really set the tone of the season by winning the first HOH and putting two strong men up on the block. However, for as impressive as this is, the wind is taken out of the sails when Karen ultimately loses to Kevin, a man.

Kevin sweeps the jury votes, becoming the first player in BBCAN history to win unanimously. It’s a shame Karen doesn’t receive more recognition; the “older woman” archetype rarely fares well on Big Brother and is usually gone in the first couple of weeks. Lasting until the end is an incredible feat that deserves at least a courtesy vote.

For fans who appreciate the strategic and social game play, Kevin’s win might come as a disappointment. While Ika and Demetres virtually controlled the entire game up until Final 4, Kevin was dormant for the first five weeks and only kicked into action after Neda was evicted. Demetres has the quote of the night when he asks Kevin, “Why should I give you a 100 grand when you started playing on Day 49, and I started playing on Day 2?”

Kevin’s strategy was flawed, at times illogical, and he often succeeded in spite of himself. However, whether you like it or not, the Poker Pro from Calgary has just won the ultimate cash game. He did what 15 others couldn’t, and walked away as Big Brother Canada champion.

Until next time, that’s another season of BBCAN in the books!

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