Kevin Martin Sets The Record Straight On His ‘Big Brother Canada’ Showmance

After 70 days aboard the BBCan Odyssey, Kevin Martin was crowned the winner of “Big Brother Canada” Thursday night – but did he win more than the $100,000 cash prize?

Viewers were glued to their screens as Martin, 24, fought his way to the finish to secure his spot in the finale of Global TV’s hit reality competition- with a little help from a very special secret Power Of Veto used by William Laprise Desbiens.

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“My relationship with William was very, very strong,” Martin tells ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey. “Without William, I wouldn’t have been the winner, so I owe him a lot.”

While their overt flirtation in the house had fans wondering if Martin was simply taking advantage of his 23-year-old housemate, he classifies their relationship as a “genuine friendship.”

“I was there for business reasons,” Martin admits. “[But] I really care about that kid, and we have a great relationship. We’re totally cool right now.”

But Martin adds that what’s next for them is still up in the air. “We’ll see how the next couple days go. We’ll see what develops. It’s gonna take a long time to digest all of this,” he says of their relationship outside the house.

Martin also secured his victory by knocking out arguably two if his biggest competitors: Ika Wong, followed by Demetres Giannitsos.

“I respected their game a ton,” he says. “After talking to the jury this morning and hearing their point of view, I do think I would have beaten them in a final two – it just would’ve been tough to beat them!”

Martin  echoed that sentiment in ET Canada’s Twitter Q&A, saying, “I would’ve fought for Ika and Demetres to win this game if it wasn’t me – but I’m very thankful it’s me!”

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For more with the “Big Brother Canada” season 5 champ, watch the full, extended interview below.



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