Joanne Thicke Opens Up About Late Brother Alan Thicke And The On-Going Legal Drama Over His Estate

It’s been been five months since Canadian actor Alan Thicke passed away. And now, there’s a new twist in the ongoing battle between Thicke’s sons, Robin and Brennan and his widow, Tanya Callau, over the late actor’s multi-million dollar estate.

The brothers contend that Callau is asking for more than what was set out for her in Alan’s will and in the couple’s prenuptial agreement. According to TMZ, a lawyer for Callau claims the two brothers are “making false claims” because she refuses to let them grow a marijuana farm on Alan’s ranch. In the wake of the on-going legal drama, ET Canada sat down with Thicke’s sister Joanne who is undoubtedly upset over the family feud.

“I think my brother would be very disappointed,” Joanne tells ET Canada’s Sangita Patel in an exclusive interview. Joanne welcomed ET Canada into her Brampton, Ontario home this week to open up about the family strife, telling Sangita she is siding with her nephews.

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“I really feel in my heart that my nephews would want to be very fair and I really feel that they would want, they’re trying to follow what my brother would want,” she says, adding that she believes what her brother put in his will would have been fair because “he put a lot of thought into it.”

“He would’ve consulted with the right people and would’ve discussed everything very, very thoroughly,” she explains.  “I have to admit, I don’t know all of the details.”

Though Joanne may not know the finer details of Alan’s will or the legal battle, she reveals she has spoken to nephews Robin and Brennan about the matter, but not Callau.

“You know, when people get emotional about things, sometimes you’re not as objective as you might or maybe should be,” she says. “The first thing I thought was, “Boy, I wish he was here right know to mediate and say you’re looking at this all wrong. Here’s what’s I want, here’s what I want for my children, here’s what I want for my wife.'”

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It’s just one of the many moments that has Joanne missing her big brother.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry,” she tells Sangita, showing her around her home, filled with family photos and mementos of her brother. When Alan was in the Toronto-area, he would stay at his sister’s home, sometimes for weeks at a time. For Joanne, one of the fondest memories she has of her brother was when she was a university student.

“When I was in university, he’d say to me if there was anything I needed, ‘Just call me any time'”, Joanne recalls. “We all depended on him a lot. He was the glue of our family.”




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