Dave Annable Gets Candid With Wife Odette Annable In Instagram Video

Dave Annable gets a little TMI on Instagram on Friday.

The actor pokes at his wife for withholding sex from him because she’s too exhausted from her day. “So, you can’t just say out of the blue, ‘Dave, I can’t wait to have sex with you. Just not tonight,'” he says.

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“It’s the truth, I’m too busy tonight!” Odette responds. “Why even say it? You’re crushing my dreams!” Dave says back.

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“Wow, build me up just to tear me down. Who’s team #nobonezone and who’s team #throwadogabone?#annablescouplestherapy,” he captioned the video.

The couple has been married for almost seven years now. They wed in October 2010 and welcomed their daughter Charlie Mae in September 2015.


We wonder if it’s perhaps their new lives as parents that have them feeling so exhausted.



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