Aisha Tyler is officially single, with a judge finalizing her divorce from Jeff Tietjens — but it’s going go cost her.

According to TMZ, the co-host of “The Talk” has been ordered to pay her ex $31,250 per month in spousal support over the next four years, in addition to a lump sum payment of $500,000. Tally that up and it comes to a grand total of $2 million.

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In addition, the former couple will split their joint assets down the middle, including the profit made from selling their house. In addition, Tietjens will keep a 2012 Lexus, while Tyler will hang onto her 2013 Tesla.

The couple was married in 1992 and separated in January 2015; Tietjens filed for divorce in 2016.

After Tietjens filed for divorce, Tyler got emotional when she tearfully opened up about the dissolution of her marriage on an episode of “The Talk”.

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“He’s the person who has influenced me and cared for me the most,” she said. “In fact, he cared for me even longer than my parents have cared for me and it’s very hard when you love someone very much to also start to realize that maybe you want different things for your life. That’s a very difficult realization to come to and you don’t want to accept it and you don’t want to believe it.”

She added: “He’s a wonderful person. He’s been my best friend for always my entire life. I’ll always love him.”

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