He said he’d be back, and he wasn’t kidding around.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed plans are afoot for another “Terminator” movie, revealing he’ll be reprising his role as a robotic assassin in what will be the sixth film in the mega-hit franchise

“It is back,” the former California governor told Screen Daily, noting that he recently met with the original’s director, James Cameron, to discuss the project.

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“It is moving forward,” said Schwarzenegger, who is currently in Cannes to promote the documentary “Wonders Of The Sea 3D”.

“He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise,” he said, adding: “I will be in the movie.”

Schwarzenegger also had some news to share about some other potential sequels, including the long-awaited return of Conan the Barbarian, in which he would reprise his role as the sword-swinging warrior king. “It’s being rewritten,” he said, “the idea is to do it.”

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Schwarzenegger also confirmed that the rumoured “Twins” sequel — “Triplets” — is a go, and could go into production as early as this year.

“The script will be finished in a month,” he noted, confirming he’ll be joined by former co-star Danny DeVito and new “brother” Eddie Murphy, with Ivan Reitman — who directed the 1986 original — on board as well.

“It’s just around the corner,” said Schwarzenegger.

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