Johnson/Hanks 2020, The Return Of David S. Pumpkins And More Highlights From ‘SNL’ Finale

The season 42 finale of “Saturday Night Live” has come and gone, shutting the door on one of the show’s most extraordinary seasons.

The finale kicked off with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump sitting at a piano performing “Hallelujah”, surrounded by cast members as various players in the Trump drama (including Putin, sons Eric and Donald Jr., Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon and even Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka) as a bookend to Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton performing the same Leonard Cohen tune on the first “SNL” after the November 2016 election.

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In the opening monologue, host Dwayne Johnson was not only inducted into the Five-Timers Club by surprise guest Tom Hanks, he also addressed rumours of his presidential aspirations — and announced the Johnson/Hanks 2020 campaign!

This faux TV commercial extols the virtues of the Cartier Fidget Spinner, the perfect gift to amuse a super-annoying girlfriend (Vanessa Bayer, who’ll be leaving the show after this season) when you really want her to stop talking.

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The Rock revisited his WWE past in this sketch that found him playing a pro wrestler who really gets under the skin of his opponent (Bobby Moynihan as Trashyard Mutt).

Kenan Thompson is the focal performer (at first, anyhow) of this rap video spoofing songs that feature way too many special guests — one of which is Hanks as David S. Pumpkins (or is it David S. Pimpkins?), reprising the character we first met in last year’s Halloween show. Any questions?

Johnson also donned a superhero costume as Scorpio, who has one chance to save the city from utter destruction — until the woman he’s speaking with learns he designed and sewed his costume by himself, which takes the superhero thing in a weird new direction.

This week’s episode also brought a return visit from Ricky (Johnson) and his annoying British girlfriend Gemma (Cecily Strong), who go on a “Jurassic Park”-style theme park ride.

Another TV commercial spoof featured Johnson discussing a new “male enhancement” drug called Xentrex that has a few teensy side effects, such as random nosebleeds and occasionally waking up to find yourself driving a stolen car.

The final Weekend Update of the season brought us one more visit from departing cast member Bobby Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle.

Johnson and Bayer are featured in this sketch as a pair of actors in a 1940s-era movie who have a tough time getting through a scene due to the actress’s extreme flatulence.

Johnson plays a mad scientist who horrifies his fellow evil geniuses when he unveils his entry into the most-evil invention contest: a child-molesting robot.

Johnson also features in this sketch, playing the world’s worst wingman.

And that’s a wrap for season 42, with season 43 set to debut in the fall. In the meantime, you can still catch reruns of “SNL” throughout the summer, airing Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT and 11:30 p.m. ET on Global.

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