Neil Patrick Harris has a long resume of memorable TV moments to discuss.

The man known simply as NPH talked shop at Vulture Festival for a special panel starring the “How I Met Your Mother” actor. Harris, 43, reflected on the polarizing finale to the beloved television show.

He told the audience at Vulture Festival that he “might be in the minority,” but he was rooting for the finale episode that spurred such a divisive moment of television.

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And this isn’t the first time the actor has defended the show’s ending. He previously told David Letterman that sometimes the best decisions aren’t the most popular ones.

Many “HIMYM” fans took issue with the “twist” ending, in which the mysterious Mother died after having children with Ted. The finale was so unpopular that an alternative version of the ending was included in the Complete Series DVD package.

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Harris also revealed the very real physical changes he’s endured for his role as Count Olaf in Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. “I’ve been filming season two right now, hence the ridiculous nails,” he confessed. “I’ve been growing them out, so I’ve been wringing my hands and stuff ’cause they’re just gnarly. It’s hard to text.”

And it wouldn’t be a celebrity panel without some juicy inside scoops. NPH gladly indulged in talking fans through his gory “Gone Girl” sex scene. He said director David Fincher “was asking us to have unbridled sex — and my character is really into her so is very overwhelmed with — with great precision,”

“We were just rehearsing porn for hours,” he said of the scene which climaxed with a pool of blood.