Jim Carrey Stops By ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ And Shows Off His Famous Beard

Jim Carrey made a very memorable appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night.

The actor received a minute-long standing ovation after walking out to the stage for his interview. “I just wanted to see what would happen if you stayed until they got tired,” Carrey joked. “Usually people sit down during the biggest part of the applause.”

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Kimmel welcomed the actor back to the show and asked how the now reclusive star is doing. He says he doesn’t feel separated from the world and then joked about how lucky he was to get the part of playing Jim Carrey.

“I don’t think of that as me anymore. I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world and now the world and the universe are experiencing a guy,” he said.

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He also addressed his very dramatic beard. “Wherever I show up, it becomes the story. It’s a bigger star than me at this point,” he joked.

Carrey also talked about his connection to the animal world. After Kimmel shows a video of him feeding a bird, Carrey admitted that he ended up getting mites.

“Birds have an edge. They come with baggage,” Carrey joked. Kimmel then asked if it was possible the birds were attracted to his beard and thought it was a nest.

The interview even delves into Carrey’s work as a visual artist — even displaying some of the comedian’s works.

To see them, plus the interview in its entirety, watch the clip.

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