Chris Pine Admits He Uses A Flip Phone: ‘I Just Like The Simple’

For “Wonder Woman” star Chris Pine, flip phones aren’t a thing of the past.

The actor reveals to “Good Morning America” he hasn’t traded in his old flip phone for a smart phone just yet.

“I have a flip phone,” Pine admits to Michael Strahan when asked about his biggest quirk. “The flip world is a whole world you gotta get into.”

For Pine, 36, it’s not just a matter of being slow to adapt to new trends. He says sticking with a flip phone and embracing older technology gives him a way to unplug and relax, decreasing the amount of anxiety he feels.

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“I’ll tell you what, here we go. I recently got a record player and a flip phone. I kind of like the simplifying down,” he says. “I just like the simple, I just like the non-complicated. I don’t want to be connected so much.”

While Pine has his reasons for not wanting to stay connected all the time, his “Wonder Woman” co-star couldn’t help but tease him for his choice in phones.
“I was literally asking him a few days ago, ‘What is this?'” she jokes.

The humour isn’t lost on Pine, who admits he has such a hard time texting on his small keyboard that he’d rather make a phone call instead.

“I don’t know if you remember like T9? Like, you remember when you had to do that T9 thing, wow!” the actor adds, laughing.

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