Resourceful Mom Throws ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’-Themed Birthday Party For 4-Year-Old Son

The mother of a movie-loving three-year-old found herself having to get seriously creative when her son, Evan, had a special request for his upcoming fourth birthday: a party themed to the classic Robin Williams comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

As “Today” reports, Laura Kowalski of Wyandotte, Michigan, had two weeks to pull it together.

“One of Evan’s favourite things to do is watch movies, so we watch a lot of movies in the evening to wind down,” his mother explained. “He likes classics, like ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Matilda,’ so about six months ago, I showed him ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’ He loved it. Just loved it.”

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The time frame, however, was tight. “I said to Evan, ‘Oh my gosh, your birthday is in two weeks!'” she recalled, adding: “Nothing was going to change his mind.”

Noting a dearth of “Mrs. Doubtfire”-themed party merchandise, she turned to Etsy. “There was nothing,” she said. “Absolutely nothing.”

She was stymied until coming across a Facebook page that turned everything around.

“There is a Facebook page for people to promote their local businesses here in the suburbs of Detroit called Downriver and Friends,” said Kowalski. “I posted there and asked if there were any local bakeries who could help me make a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ cake. That’s where it all began to fall into place.”

The party, in fact, turned out to be such a hit that she doesn’t know how she’ll be able to top herself.

“He set the bar really high,” said Kowalski of her son. “I almost want to ask him now what he is going to want for next year. But maybe I don’t want to know!”

Check out these amazing photos from the party:







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