Stephen Colbert Had Something To Say About That Sea Lion Video

It isn’t often that Steveston makes international news, or even late-night comedy shows.

But the tourist area at the southwestern edge of Richmond, B.C. made “Late Night with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday thanks to a video captured by Vancouver resident Michael Fujiwara that showed a sea lion pulling a little girl into the water off the Steveston Wharf on Saturday.

Colbert replayed the video for a shocked audience, carefully noting that “everyone is OK.”

But he nevertheless managed to make a few jokes about the situation.

Colbert had high praise for the “action grandpa” who leaped into the water to pull the girl back out… and a few jokes at the expense of the younger, able-bodied people who helped by “recording and screaming.”

The Vancouver Aquarium said that the girl who was pulled into the water sustained a superficial wound in the incident, but added that she’s received appropriate treatment.

The Steveston Harbour Authority put up signs that read “please do not feed the sea lions” after the incident.



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