Gal Gadot Outwits Jimmy Fallon In ‘Box Of Lies’

Ever wondered how a talk-show host would square up with Wonder Woman? The answer? Not well.

Days ahead of the highly anticipated “Wonder Woman” U.S. premiere, actress Gal Gadot landed on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for a battle of deception.

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The popular late-night talk-show game pits Fallon against his guest with only a rectangular barrier between them. Each player picks a box containing an obscure item, which they must then describe to their opponent. It is up to the adversary to decide whether their opponent is describing a real object or something made up.

Gadot, 32, put on her “Wonder Woman” boots and went to town on Fallon: dominating him at every corner, whipping him with a verbal Lasso of Truth and sweeping the game three to nothing. So what was Gadot’s prize? Nothing she could ever anticipate.

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“You cannot unsee that,” Fallon quipped after seeing warm-up comic Seth Herzog do whatever it is he was doing.

Gadot’s “Wonder Woman” premiered in Shanghai on May 15 and celebrates its U.S. premiere on June 2.



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