Dan Stevens Filmed ‘Beauty And The Beast’ In A CGI Suit And The On-Set Pics Are Hilarious

The Internet is having a field day with newly-released images and gifs of Dan Stevens filming Disney’s live-action “Beauty And The Beast” with Emma Watson.

To play the Beast, Stevens donned a padded grey onesie, cap and special stilts for his motion-capture performance to digitally transform into the massive character.

His co-star Watson really had to stretch her acting muscles to not crack a smile when Stevens appeared on set, especially during the fairytale film’s more romantic moments as Belle and the Beast waltz around the ballroom. “When you love something that much, you really want to do it justice,” Watson said of shooting the movie.

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“Emma [Watson] had a rough idea of what I would look like, I had a rough idea of what I would look like, and we worked with various different techniques and technologies and things in the process of pre-production,” Stevens told the LA Times in March. “I was walking on different kinds of stilts, and we were changing those out all the while. But initially, that’s weirdly the [one] thing that didn’t go through my head at all when they said, ‘You’re the Beast!’ It didn’t even occur to me that it would end up being made the way that it was made.”

Check out the hilarious behind-the-scenes gifs and images of Stevens in costume below.



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