ABC’s long-awaited “Dirty Dancing” reboot made its debut on Wednesday, and if critics haven’t been kind to the made-for-TV remake of the beloved 1987 blockbuster, that’s nothing compared to the frenzy of hate the film whipped up in the Twittersphere.

In fact, some would argue that the sarcastic tweets and disparaging memes aimed at the movie — in which Abigail Breslin and newcomer Colt Prattes take on the roles originally played by Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze — are a lot more entertaining than the film itself, which led one Twitter user to declare: “Somebody needs to put this whole movie in the corner…”

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In addition to Breslin and Prattes, the 2017 version of “Dirty Dancing” boasts an impressive cast including Bruce Greenwood, Debra Messing, Sarah Hyland, Katy Sagal, Nicole Scherzinger and more.

Nevertheless, that opinion of the movie (“disappointing” seems to be the nicest thing most people can muster about it) is echoed by many, many more throughout Twitter, as evidenced by this tsunami of negative (and kind of hilarious) tweets:

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