James Corden Is ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’ With Lionel Richie And Gets Stuck

Things never seem to go smoothly for James Corden on “The Late Late Show”.

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Corden, 38, re-creates a famous Lionel Richie music video, but things didn’t go quite right. The late-night talk-show host and Richie have no problem “dancing on the ceiling”, but Corden has a little trouble getting down.

“Lionel, I’m not joking. I’m stuck!… I’m telling you I can’t move,” Corden shouts as the video shoot wraps up. Richie, to his credit, tries to help Corden with unique props.

The two-time Grammy winner hurls a soccer ball, a keyboard and a phone at the comedian’s head in an attempt to un-wedge him from the ceiling. Oh yeah, Richie also shoves a hot dog on a stick in Corden’s face.

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Eventually, Richie has enough and gives up on the lost cause but not before reflecting on his massive discography: “Man, I got too many hits.”



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