PM Justin Trudeau Melts Hearts While Building Pillow Fort With Little Girl

A lucky 5-year-old girl spent the day learning the tricks of the trade from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Bella of Thompson, Man. won a CBC Kids’ contest to become Canada’s “Prime Minister for the Day” with a little help from the man himself. During their meeting, little Bella asked Trudeau if they could build a pillow fort in his office.

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And of course the full-time Prime Minister was happy to oblige! The duo improvised a fort worthy of two Canadian leaders. Devoid of any pillows, Bella and Trudeau rearranged chairs, added couch cushions and made use of the wooden table in Trudeau’s office.

The architectural masterpiece was decorated with a fluffy, maple leaf covered blanket.

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Bella won the opportunity to spend a day with Trudeau after her touching response when asked what she would do if she were Prime Minister for a Day. “As Prime Minister, I would make sure everyone has homes and everyone is safe,” she said. “I would hug everyone. I would make sure animals and the world around us are kept safe. I would make sure every Canadian is healthy. I would show kindness to everyone.”

A “Prime Minister For A Day” special will air on Canada Day.

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