While chatting about his upcoming film “Baywatch” with Jimmy Kimmel, Zac Efron reveals even he couldn’t resist the power of Madonna.

The “High School Musical” alum told the talk show host he was at a UFC fight in New York City where he was conveniently seated next to the Queen of Pop.

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“The seats are named as you get to the centre of the ring, and I was ring side so I was really very close to this fight,” he reveals. “I keep getting closer and closer and I wasn’t seeing my name, and then I see several famous people’s names until I see ‘Madonna’, ‘Zac Efron’, and I was like ‘what?’. I was like ‘I’m next to Madonna for this entire fight.'”

But Kimmel wasn’t about to let Efron get away without spilling more juicy details, “Is it possible that she was trying to have sex with you?” he asked. “Is it possible that Madonna maybe switched the signs so that maybe you would be seated together, because Madonna is an irresistible person. When she sets her sights on someone, there’s no escaping.”

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While Efron slowly got more embarrassed, he confessed she’s hard to turn down, “She is captivating in that way. I can’t confirm or deny that,” Efron spilled. “Madonna was lovely, she is amazing. She’s rad. She tapped me, she tapped this.”

“Baywatch” is now playing in theatres.

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