First Look At Ludacris Hosting MTV’s New ‘Fear Factor’ Reboot

In the early- to mid-2000s, viewers couldn’t get enough of “Fear Factor”, driving the show to a successful six-season run of contestants eating horse rectums, dunking in tanks of slithering reptiles and attempting all manner of insane stunts in order to win a fat pile of cash.

Cancelled in 2006, “Fear Factor” was briefly resurrected by NBC in 2011 — with original host Joe Rogan — but the return was short-lived and it was cancelled a second time.

But wait — “Fear Factor” will become one of the rare TV shows to receive a third chance after being resurrected by MTV, with a new version set to premiere next week. This revamped “Fear Factor” will bring bigger stunts, a fresh look and a brand-new host stepping in for Rogan: Ludacris.

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The revived “Fear Factor”, notes MTV’s press release, has been “custom-created for a generation that is increasingly empowered, while also more anxious than ever. Filled with new stunts inspired by urban legends, popular scary movies and viral videos from today’s cultural zeitgeist, ‘Fear Factor’ contestants will confront their fears, be pushed beyond their comfort zones and take action against some of their biggest stressors with the use of today’s newest technologies.”

Lest anyone think that “Fear Factor” has lost its edge, the debut episode features Ludacris challenging teams of siblings to conquer their fear of cockroaches in “Roachella”, with their next stop a trip to the morgue. In order to win the $50,000 prize, however, the contestants must prove their mettle by being trapped beneath ice.

“Fear Factor” premieres on Tuesday, May 30.

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