Fans have been eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated “Love Actually” reunion from Richard Curtis, writer/director of the beloved movie, and tonight’s the night when it will finally be unveiled during NBC’s broadcast of its Red Nose Day charity special.

In fact, “Red Nose Actually” reunites most of the stars of the 2003 film, offering an update about the characters’ lives (and loves) all these years later.

Highlights of the 15-minute short film include: Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster reuniting on the same park bench overlooking the Thames; Keira Knightley answering her door to find Andrew Lincoln holding his cue cards — again; “Mr. Bean” star Rowan Atkinson fastidiously wrapping gifts; Bill Nighy as long-in-the-tooth rock star Billy Mack; Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz (who have apparently followed the Biblical request to “go forth and multiply”); Laura Linney as Sarah, now back home in the U.S. but not that happy about it; as well as cameo appearances by Patrick Dempsey and Kate Moss.

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Following the TV broadcast, there will be more happening on the Red Nose Day Facebook page, with a special live fundraising broadcast taking place from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. ET. Hosted by Akilah Hughes and Richard Bacon, stars dropping by include Bryan Cranston, Chris Hardwick, Laura Linney, Lucia Moniz and more.

“Red Nose Day’s live broadcast will give fans the chance to donate via the new Donate button in Facebook Live, interact with special guests, see exclusive Red Nose Day content, participate in live fundraising challenges, and donate to Red Nose Day through Facebook Live,” notes the announcement.

An offshoot of Comedy Relief, the annual Red Nose Day telethon raises money with a goal of ending child poverty. To make a donation, visit the Red Nose Day Facebook page.

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