Gal Gadot gave Conan O’Brien a crash course on what it takes to become one of the world’s best superheroes Thursday and it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the character’s upcoming solo movie, attempted to teach the late-night host some tricks of the superhero trade.

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She trained for several months for the role, already having spent two years in the Israeli military service, so she is already in great shape. Unfortunately for O’Brien, he is just a comedian and late-night host. Not exactly physically demanding roles but he tried his best to keep up with her. “I think you will be shocked what this can do,” he said, pointing to his spindly frame.

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Along with trainer Ruda Vrba, Gadot attempted to teach O’Brien some high kicks, swordplay, and other fighting moves but it doesn’t really work. “We’ve been doing this a very short time. Would you say that already I’m making incredible progress?” O’Brien asked. The answer: a resounding “no”.

Not everyone can be Wonder Woman. Nice try, O’Brien.

You can see the training session, as well as Conan’s own superhero costume, in the clip above.