This Is Who Laura Linney’s ‘Love Actually’ Character Ended Up With

In “Love Actually”, Laura Linney played a woman named Sarah. Sarah loved her job and was busy taking care of her brother who was suffering from an undisclosed mental illness.

Her chance at romance happened when she hooked up with Karl, her office crush. Karl was very hot and had washboard abs, but nothing else ever came of their fling because Sarah’s brother occupied too much of her time.

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Well, in the mini-“Love Actually” reunion for Red Nose Day, which aired for American audiences on Thursday night, her character finally got the happy ending she deserved.

Years later, fans got to catch up with Sarah, who is still working hard. Karl is no longer around but there’s a reason for that. Sarah did find love, actually.

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In the mini-sequel, it’s revealed that Sarah got married–to Patrick Dempsey. The two are happily married and he calls her as she is working late at the office one day to see when she’s coming home.

Unfortunately, there was no update given on Sarah’s brother, but we’re happy to see she found love.

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