The biggest mystery on social media last week? Why is Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger hanging with some of the boys from One Direction? Are they going to merge to form a supergroup called Nickelrection???

Welllllllllll, no. Today Chad cleared up the mystery.

“They asked if I was gonna be in town,”; he said, “and if I would like to come down to the studio and um, come up with some ideas on a song, just do a little songwriting. I was very flattered. I’m like, wow, the biggest band in the world wants me to come down and spit out a couple ideas.”;

That’s the story behind this Instagram shot of the Nickelback frontman hanging out with Louis and Liam from One Direction that had all of social media singing, “Look at this photograph! How’d our eyes get so red?”;

When he’s not hobknobbing with the UK’s pop star elite, Kroeger spends his time at his day job: pumping out hits with Nickelback. We were EXCLUSIVELY on the set of their video for “She Keeps Me Up”;, which finds the band rocking a party setting AND a hot new look: matching suits!

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